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Ethan Cannings – Player Spotlight

Ethan Cannings, the attacking midfielder currently on loan from Chippenham Town, shares his perspective on the unique opportunity he has found playing at the Securitas Stadium, Plain Ham.

Describing his time at Larkhall as a “great opportunity,” Ethan highlighted the strength of the club, his positive experiences with teammates, and the unwavering support from the fan base. The young midfielder stated, “I’m always going to give my best for the team at every opportunity I get.”

Expressing his love for the atmosphere, Ethan pointed out the joy he finds in the celebrations after securing three points. “The atmosphere before, during, and after each game is something I love! It’s my first time out on loan, and I couldn’t have asked for a better club to be at. The manager, coaches and lads have made me feel at home, and there’s nothing better than the celebrations after securing three points.”

Looking ahead, Ethan’s aspirations include earning more game time and developing as a player to contribute to pushing the Larks further up the table. We’ve seen the versatile midfielder come off the bench and make a positive impact in his first few games for Larks – so it’s certainly a very encouraging start for Ethan.

Reflecting on his diverse football journey, Ethan listed his former clubs as Chippenham Town, Bath City, and Mpumalanga Black Aces in South Africa.

Balancing student life with his role as a lifeguard, Ethan stays active off the pitch. “I’m usually in the gym or doing some sort of exercise,” he shared, emphasising the importance of maintaining peak physical fitness and keeping himself match-fit.

Ethan goes on to tell us that Archie Ferris is the main source of laughter here at Larkhall Athletic. “Since I’ve been here, Archie’s been the main guy when it comes to making people laugh. If you’re chatting to him, you’re gonna end up laughing.”

Our spotlight interview finishes with Ethan expressing gratitude for the Larks fans, “Thank you for all your support! The club wouldn’t be the same without you, and we’ll keep fighting until the end of the season.” His words echo the collective determination and appreciation within the community here at Larkhall Athletic.

We all look forward to seeing more from our loanee in the very near future!

Ethan Cannings – settling in well at Plain Ham, Larkhall.

Ethan Cannings – Player Spotlight! is part of a series of interviews in partnership with Dad FC, where we shine a light on the players that make Larkhall Athletic a special, family club for both fans and players alike.

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