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Spencer Dymond-Hall – Player Spotlight!

Up at Plain Ham, ahead of another big Southern League clash, we hear from Spencer Dymond-Hall, the young left-back, as he shares his insights into the club, his personal journey, and the vibrant team dynamics in the Larks squad.

Spencer, an ex-Corsham Town FC and Warminster Town FC player, acknowledged the big reputation of Larks, stating, “Larks has always had a great overall reputation, and I’ve heard this many times before joining, so to have settled into the squad is a significant step in my footballing career.”

When asked about how he’s gelled with the current crop of Larks players, Spencer highlighted the camaraderie within the team, underlining its importance. The left back expressed, “The relationship between players is crucial, and it’s something special within our squad.”

Aspirations for the future include becoming a regular first team player, a goal that aligns with his dedication to the team. “To become a key starting player is a personal goal of mine. I’m committed to contributing to the team’s success.”

Beyond the football pitch, Spencer, who works in software channel sales, finds balance in the gym and enjoys leisure activities like playing video games and watching various sports. His multifaceted approach to life reflects in his well-rounded performance on the field.

On a lighter note, Spencer named Dav Regula as his ultimate idol, describing him as “so inspiring and humble.” Always nice to hear some team spirit and admiration of fellow teammates!

Discussing the team dynamics, Spencer pointed out Eben as the joker in the squad, humorously stating, “Eben, 80% of the time he’s a joker, but 20% of the time he’s a really nice guy,”. Can he not be both?!

Expressing his gratitude to the fans, Spencer remarked, “The consistency of the support is great. Win, lose, or draw, you’re still there. We’ve got a great community along with a team with lots of potential. I’ve got a good feeling about the rest of this season, stick with us. Up the larks 💙.”

Spencer Dymond-Hall – Player Spotlight! is part of a series of interviews in partnership with Dad FC, where we shine a light on the players that make Larkhall Athletic a special, family club for both fans and players alike.

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