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Max Williams – Player Spotlight!

Max Williams takes centre stage. We shine a spotlight on the midfield maestro.

Max, a reliable midfielder and regular name on the teamsheet, dives into what it truly means to be a part of Larkhall Athletic. “It’s a privilege to play for the people who run the club,” he says with genuine appreciation. “There are many great people here.”

For Max, the beauty of playing for Larks goes beyond the thrill of the game. “The group we have here is class… Best group of lads in non-league!”

As we delve into his aspirations for the future, Max lays out his goals with determination. “Individually, I aim for double figures in goals and assists,” he reveals. “For the club, I want us to be right in the mix until the end of the season.”

The former Wick Sunday player isn’t just a keen footballer; he’s a floor layer by day, and away from the hustle of work and the intensity of the football field, Max is a keen dart player, “…hitting 180’s for fun,” he chuckles.

Max’s idols extend beyond the pitch. Whilst he draws inspiration from the legendary Lionel Messi, Max is also a big fan of darting sensation Gary Anderson. Two people who’ve reached the top in their respective games – their excellence clearly serving as a beacon for Max, driving his commitment to continuous improvement.

Now if you’ve been reading the other player spotlights, you’ll already know that in every squad, there’s always a joker. For Max, it’s Cammy. Max shares a laugh as he recalls, “Cammy totally changed my perspective on teachers. Unreal weirdo.”

As our spotlight conversation nears its end, Max has an important message for the fans. “Keep with us as you have until the end of the season, and we will try to give you something to cheer about at the end of it. Up the Larks!”

In Max Williams, Larkhall Athletic not only has a talented midfielder but a player rooted in the ethos of the club.

Up The Larks!

Max Williams – Player Spotlight! is part of a series of interviews in partnership with Dad FC, where we shine a light on the players that make Larkhall Athletic a special, family club for both fans and players alike.

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Max Williams – Making a difference in the middle