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Matt Bowman – Player Spotlight!

Matt Bowman stands tall as a pivotal figure in the centre of the Larkhall midfield. This boy has potential.

A university student with a football journey that includes Servette FC in Geneva, Matt shares a brief yet insightful perspective on his experience with the Larks so far.

For Swiss midfielder Matt, being part of Larkhall Athletic presents a “great opportunity,” a sentiment that echoes the club’s dynamic environment and the potential it holds for his footballing career. Emphasising the collective strength in the Larks dressing room, Matt Bowman points to “the team” as a key motivator for him, underlining the importance of the current squad’s team-spirit and their shared goals.

Matt’s talent has been a joy to watch this season. When he’s at the top of his game, like he was against Bath City in the FA Cup, Matt’s contribution really stands out. A strong presence in the middle, good in the air, with great play-making abilities. He’s got a wicked left foot shot too!

Looking forward, Matt’s aspirations naturally align with the ambition of the team — to secure promotion. The focus on the broader success of Larkhall Athletic showcases Matt’s commitment to contributing to the team’s journey, and he has the potential to be a key player in the push for play-offs and cup glory.

Beyond the football pitch, Matt’s admiration extends to Manchester City. As a fan, he enjoys watching Pep Guardiola’s team play, with players like De Bruyne and Rodri serving as personal inspirations. Their playing styles and contributions on the field resonate with Matt, shaping his perspective on the beautiful game. From my point of view, I see Matt could become our very own Jude Bellingham… a comparison I’m sure Matt doesn’t mind.

Concluding with a heartfelt message, Matt expresses gratitude to the fans: “Thanks for your continuous support.” These words echo the appreciation shared by the players for the unwavering encouragement from the dedicated Larkhall faithful.

Up the Larks!

Matt Bowman – Player Spotlight! is part of a series of interviews in partnership with Dad FC, where we shine a light on the players that make Larkhall Athletic a special, family club for both fans and players alike.

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A cracking left-foot shot from Matt Bowman nestles in the bottom right corner of the net.