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Alex Lambert – Player Spotlight!

Alex Lambert, the Larkhall Athletic winger, provides a glimpse into his perspective on the club, his personal life, and the vibrant dynamics within the current team.

“Larkhall Athletic is a special club, and it’s a privilege to represent them”, Alex said, encapsulating the honour he feels donning the blue Larks jersey.

For Alex, the community and the family feel of the club stand out, along with the exceptional spirit among the current group of lads in Ollie’s dressing room. The Larks stalwart stated, “The community and the family feel of the club, and the group of lads we have here at the moment is second to none.”

Looking ahead, Alex’s aspirations are focused on team success, stating, “To help the team finish as high as possible and score the odd goal along the way.”

Whether Alex is a starter or comes off the bench, he always offers something different. He’s often able to get the best out of those around him – whether that’s making space for teammates, or tying opposition defenders in knots.

In his professional life, Alex serves as a Personal Trainer at Flame Fitness. Outside of the football pitch, he stays busy with his two kids, a 5-year-old daughter, and a 6-month-old son. His dedication to both his career and family reflects the balance he maintains in his life.

Expressing a lighthearted touch, when asked about his idols, the former Brislington and Yate Town winger humorously identified “Archie Ferris and his mullet, say no more!” Alex also shared a playful take on midfield teammate Jack Camm, saying, “Jack Camm is unlike any bloke I’ve ever met. He cannot handle his drink and he’s an absolute liability on a night out. There are too many stories to share!”

Concluding with gratitude for the fans, Alex expressed, “Thank you for your continued support – it means a lot! Up the Larks!” His words resonate with the appreciation for the unwavering support from the dedicated Larkhall community.

Alex Lambert – Player Spotlight! is part of a series of interviews in partnership with Dad FC, where we shine a light on the players that make Larkhall Athletic a special, family club for both fans and players alike.

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The Lammy and Cammy Show! Alex Lambert celebrates with team mate Jack Camm.