Cirencester Town v Larkhall Athletic

Cirencester Town 4 - 1 Larkhall Athletic
19 Feb 2019 - 19:45

The game started at a pace with both sides playing the ball on the fast 4G pitch.

An unfortunate Larkhall back pass got intercepted by Ben Whitehead who put the ball past an advancing Shaun Semmens to put Cirencester 1 – 0 up.

Shortly after the first goal Larkhall took their eye off the ball and conceded what appeared to be a looping header making it 2-0 to Cirencester.

Larkhall dug in started to get back into the game with a good passing game putting Cirencester on the back foot.

A well taken Larkhall corner dangerously skimmed off the players heads in the box only for the ball to fortuitously fall at Lewis Powell’s feet. It was like time stood still as Lewis had an age to compose himself square up to the ball and slot it past the helpless Mateusz Wieczorek to make it 2-1 to Cirencester.

A confident Larkhall began to dominate the remainder of the first half only for the ref to blow for half time while the larks were pressing in the Cirencester box.

The second half began and continued how the first half had concluded with the Larks attacking the Cirencester area.

Unfortunately the game was marred halfway through the second half, when Neil Arndale made a late tackle on Babourcarr Jarra catching him lightly on the ankle, resulting in Babourcarr performing a perfect forward 2.5 somersault, 1 twist in the pike position dive, worthy of a 9.5 from any credible Judge caring to observe the amazing feet.

The roars of approval from the Cirencester players and fans alike, ensured that Babourcarr stayed on the ground while the physio administered lifesaving treatment in anticipation of the ref awarding Neil with a perfect 10 straight red for Babourcarr’s Olympic performance. The moment the card was brandished Babourcarr was on his feet.

What was a competitive sporting event was destroyed in that one moment by a ref swayed by the theatrics of a player and the influence of the small but vocal crowd.

The game went on to finish a disappointing 4-1

It’s difficult to decide who writers man of the match goes to. However I’m going to award it to Matt Britton for his dogged performance and decisive passing in midfield & Alex Lambert for his penetrating runs down the left flank.

Move on, Evesham next.