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Club News

Securitas Fundraising For Homeless Shelter

Securitas are raising funds to feed the homeless and have commissioned a songwriter to write an inspirational and uplifting track to use as the soundtrack to our fundraising activities which will be performed by our own talented employees.

This year we are hoping to raise £12000 for the Homeless Shelter in Birmingham, a cause we support through the Kokni Muslim Association Birmingham (KMAB).

We are extremely excited to tell you that we’ll be releasing Ascending, our song for the homeless, on Monday 6 December.

We hope you enjoy listening to Ascending as much as we have enjoyed recording it and that you’ll help us raise much-needed funds for the Homeless Shelter in Birmingham.

Please donate as much as you can through our JustGiving page so that we can continue to provide food and shelter to individuals and families who desperately need our help. Thank you in advance for your support.